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Posted on Jan 5, 2012

Zenonia 4 Guide Chapter 6 Main Quest and Side Quest


1. Chapter 6 Main Guide
2. Chapter 6 World Map
3. Side Quest

===Chapter 6===

You’ll see an event with King Valens in War room, go to eastern gate and go to Scorched Forest South. Continue until you arrive at Fallen Aria Castle 2. Go to the War Camp that located southeast of the town (“?” mark). Talk to General Lu to learn about Forgotten Hidden Temple’s location.

Note: make sure you have enough supply of Potion!!

Go over there and don’t forget to talk with Searcher on Aria Castle Alley because you can solve it on your way to Holy gem’s place.

Forgotten Hidden Temple

Grab treasure chest (ring of honor) and continue to area number 3.You should see a necklace on the ground with “!” symbol on it. Check it to obtain a new side quest [Battered Necklace].  Go to the next area and open the treasure chest (Hidden Dungeon Slab) that located on the northwest platform, to solve a side quest you have obtained from Searcher. Continue northeast to the BOSS room.

BOSS: Proneus

You can’t run around against this boss because he can pull you by using similar skill like slayer (lightning bolt). His attack is not deadly so you can fight him face to face but make sure you use potion when needed :D. I only kill him using Avatar skill and then just spam normal attack and using potion constantly.

Go back to War room at Aria Castle to learn info about King Valens. You need to defense the town, so go to Aria North Gate Entrance and then go to the place where Elisa’s voice comes from. Defeat 5 soldiers and then continue to Aria North Gate Eastern Spire and do the same thing. Backtrack to Aria North Gate Entrance and then kill lvl 43 Necro to end this quest.

Note: The Necro is quite tough, kill nearby enemies first before focusing against the necro.The path is not locked when fighting the necro, so feel free to go back to town if you feel need more potions.

Go north to Scorched Forest Outskirts 1 to talk with Ramus. Kill assassins and then talk to Ramus again. Grab treasure (White Necklace) and then head east and walk to the end of the area to find the sky portal. Check the lever to go to Heavenly Realms.

===Chapter 6 World Map===

===Chapter 6 Side Quest===

Name Location Chapter Objective and Steps Client Reward
A Young Girl’s Wish Deva Castle Square 6 Deliver letter to Leon (Aria Castle) Aria 750 exp;
2120 gold;
Conveying the Message side quest
Extinguishing the Flame Desolate Clearing 6 Defeat 20 Evil Flame Cowen 3200 exp;
2310 gold
Preparing for War Aria Castle 6 Bring 10 Mithril Blacksmith 4000 exp;
3850 Gold
Conveying the Message Aria Castle 6 Kill 15 Rhinotaurs Leon 1990 exp;
1050 gold
Puppy Love Aria Castle 6 Deliver letter to Aria (Deva Castle) Leon 800 exp;
2470 gold
The Hidden Dungeon Tablet Aria Castle Valley 6 Find stone tablet Searcher 4000 exp;
3540 gold
Momo’s Necklace Forgotten hidden dungeon (3) 6 return the necklace to Momo Battered Necklace 1780 exp;
4890 gold
The tiresome Undead Aria North Gate entrance 6 Defeat 20 ogre sorcerers Stand 3500 exp;
3800 gold;
Ring of Honor
Blast from the past (3) Town of Adonis 5 Obtain10 Cyclops Leather Adas 3280 exp
2650 gold
Blast from the past (4) Town of Adonis after finish previous quest Bring Adas Shoes to Luke at Deva Castle Square (Past) Adas 1680 exp;
4640 gold;
Mana Potion (M)

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17 Responses to “Zenonia 4 Guide Chapter 6 Main Quest and Side Quest”

  1. meechmill22 says:

    How do you combine rune stones????

  2. Roto says:

    For those Druids having problems…
    It’s good to have fire step and the tree of restoration. At least have fire step before you face prone us because he wi pull you toward him. Also have darkness or holy rune for the fairy, it helps with crowd control and grinding way much easier.
    For that necro dude plant tree somewhere far and charge in with your feet blazing. Try to dodge as much attacks as possible while running around them. As soon as you get hurt dash back to your lovely tree (if needed plant serpent totem for distraction) repeat this until the baddies die.

  3. helperneedhelp says:

    can anybody tell me. i dont really understand what the fairy can give to us, blacksmithing, essence stuffs, magic dust. what are they, i ve been playing without any of it. and how do we insert stuffs into equipment.

  4. ish says:

    hey im just wonderin how to get to the holy gem? im currently inside the hidden dungeon and im having a hard time finding the way i checked the guides but everytime i reached the 3 map inside the dungeon it seems like something is blocking the way like a stone or some sort and i cant get thru. help me please. im using a druide. tnx a bunch! 🙂

  5. godmode says:

    proneus is easy to beat. use the very first ranged skill u got as a blader. run around him and hit him with that until he dies.

    heck all the bosses die the same way rofl.

  6. Blademaster says:

    I have a lvl 46 Blader currently on chapter 7. I was able to defeat most bosses with ranged attack (windcutter lvl10). My build is pure STR. I leveled the passive skills: Proficiency, Malice, Forged Edge and Wrath.

    • ruiner says:

      dude you’re supposed to pump dexterity for bladers, not strength. bladers get way more attack power / crit / evasion from dexterity points.

      my blader is level 54, with 2611 attack, 997 defense, 63.71% crit.

      46 str, 269 dex, 82 con, 34 int

      you should reset your stat points. strength is for slayers.

  7. Bosstitty says:

    cant for the life of me beat Proneus.
    i play as a Blader (i didnt know bladers were the hardest types of characters to play with as it was my first time)lvl 38.
    i swear i can only just scratch him by the time he has beaten me to a pulp. Do you have a suggestion as to how i can beat him with tactics for a blader, other than hardcore leveling?

    p.s. enjoying your walkthrough

    • noobbgodlike says:

      I don’t play as Blader but I heard that Blader have awesome skill called clone. You can use it to distract him for awhile ( don’t know whether it’s a high leveled or no). Thanks for using my guide

    • Jenny7360 says:

      I reccomend Dance Of Sura and clone Because dance of Sura deals high damage and clone can help lower the HP of Proneus.

      • Leadoffraiper says:

        Dance of sura imo sucks if u use that whirlwind techinque its much better while hed distracted by clones in which you get right up close ans activate it and it deals a great damage also i use mince which is helpful also for many enemies

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