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Posted on Jan 7, 2012

Zenonia 4 Guide Chapter 7 Main Quest and Side Quest Guide


1. Chapter 7 guide
2. Chapter 7 World Map
3. Side Quest

===Chapter 7===

Go north until you reach Heavenly camp, see an event with Merrehen.  Head east to Dark Boundary and then press the switch. See an event. You need to fight a mini boss now (Keltura) defeat him and check the switch again.

From the prison go west and you’ll see another locked door. Open the door and talk to Angels over there if you want to buy equipments and items (You can go north now but it’ll leads to some area that’s not your objective right now; once you go west from angel shopping area you can’t go there again though, maybe it’s a bug??). Continue west to the next area and then head north. You’ll be prompted to save your game. Do it and continue to face

BOSS: Leviathan

This one is insane (IMO). Attack patterns:

[0] Fire pillar: Summons fire pillars that damage you if you touch it. The fires last quite long.
[0] Fire ball: he fires 3 ball at a time and it does about 1000 or more damage per ball, and it has knock back effect that will make you hit by additional damage from the same ball.
[0] summon minion: the minion is very strong too 😀 and he can summon more than one
[0] Fire sphere: this one doesn’t damage your character but it’ll blocks your path that will make avoiding all of his attacks harder .

The tips: nothing because myself can’t beat him :D. After 1 hours of struggling against him I give up :D. Maybe my slayer build is wrong (I put status point on attack and constitution). My best effort only resulted of half of his HP gone. I will try to level up my characters before facing him again.

Pending.. until I find a way to beat him.

If you want to level up I suggest you to buy a teleport scroll from the item shop on prison, and then use it to go back to the town. Now go back to the dark boundary again and kill enemies over there(they’re at level 52 and give more experience than enemies on the prison; this is what I do now :D)

===Chapter 7 Side Quest===

Name Location Chapter Objective and Steps Client Reward
Heavenly judgments heavenly camp 7 slay 30 giant worms Delphid 3000 exp;
3970 gold;
orihalcon sword
Coelraum Reconstructions heavenly camp 7 Collect 20 tombstones (from Gargoyle) Arkan 4000 exp;
4920 gold
Restoring Coelraum (repeatable) heavenly camp 7 Collect 20 King Necromancers Merrehen 4000 exp;
3220 gold;
orihalcon armor

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55 Responses to “Zenonia 4 Guide Chapter 7 Main Quest and Side Quest Guide”

  1. zenonia player says:

    defeat keltura by using blader:
    use ur shodowy assistant (i forgot what its name) while they are busy damaging keltura slay those eyeballs and after the assistants are gone use shadow step and repeat or use diff skills
    Defeat keltura using slayer:
    use black hole sting to kelture use the tornado attack (his life would be almost half full at this point) and use all skills so keltura wont scratch you. hope this helps

  2. zenonia player says:

    i have a tip to get to lvl 45 and above. (try this if you think your build is real bad i did it because i have 70+ Int, 50+ str, 100+ dex and con) first you gonna need a lot of money from the other player you created, make sure its lvl 35+, create a new playert the same class with your first, on your second acc. go earn some money for at least 3k, go in adonis town den of trials, select team and search for hacked partner in google, when u level up to lvl 40 use your first acc. to buy you some weapons, tap shop on the upper left corner and select bank then tap inventory in the right and tap those armor you buoght and select to bank, on ur second acc. tap shop on the upper left corner and select bank tap the items and choose to inven, there you have it. enjoy

  3. zenonia player says:

    hi im a lvl 48+ blader, do you have any tips on how to get money easily cuz i really need it. And do you guys know what is the appropriate lvl for the heavenly realm? im getting smashed in that place 🙁

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No way for easy money, as for level I can’t say since the level won’t help (only 3 level above won’t make that much difference). You need to memorize Boss attack pattern to be able to defeat it.

    • Alphanzt says:

      To answer your question about getting gold, go to the portal and go the forrest and.other places were u r stronger than the monsters and just go and kill them, gain objects and gold from the monsters, go sell the objects ajd BAMN! you have some gold.
      Now about the lvl. My blader is like a lvl. 53 or 54, 40+ is good for the heavenly realem. But here is how i got my lvl so high. I look for hacker and people withe high att. And def. I know one person who has 10789 att. and 2978 def. he has gotten me all the way to floor 28 on the den of trials, and then he dies, or i die. His id is jinsy1128 (i think) and if the id is not right, then just chang the number untill you get the guy, but the first three num. Are 112 i know that much. Focas on ur dwf a little.more than att u will live longer than if u have high att and low def. My bpader has 879 def and like 1368 att you can search me on theden of trials, my id is voulgrim.

  4. devin says:

    I’m stuck at the last part Icant destoy the seal in the castle where do Igo to get that magic seal off and fight shaturu

    • Mewho says:

      I’m stuck on the quest Prison Break at the sweltering plains 1 enterance trying to finish the quest. Can someone help me of where to find the hidden cave door thing or something? BTW why the fk does everyone have attacks like 30,000 and def. like 20,000 that’s B.S. I wish someone would lend me something like a really really powerful gun. I’m lv 70 and a ranger. Please post a comment of what I need to do thank you. 🙂

      • noobbgodlike says:

        hmm, I don;t play this game anymore, but about that crazy amount of attack power, they are buying zen to buy equipment/ status. That’s why I don’t play this game anymore…

  5. Xeeoph says:

    I teleported out of the prison before leviathan to train. How do I go back??

    • lHeadHunter says:

      Teleport to the dark realm and go all the right way, you will appear in the prisons, that boss is really quick, i just beat him with skills, im a ranger lvl 64, hes fag xDD well, its hard to beat the first time, but then you see her weakness, always dash and dash and dash….only that can keep you alive, he shoot 4 fireballs, if 2 touch you…..YOU’RE DEAD¡!!!

  6. alanlohdc says:

    I beat leviathan like a piece of cake:) and I was only lv29 when I beat him lololol. I’ll show u guys my skills;) I used windmill but if ur lv35+ just replace that with “Dance of sura” and u can add clones too if u want. Anyway skills I used were: Windmill(good if monster far away) ; And also used Dance of wind.
    Ps this is for Bladers

    • Abunadae says:

      Did you buy things from the network shop? If you did then it does not count, because a lot of people like me cant buy things with real money…

      • noobbgodlike says:

        to beat leviathan you only need to use clone and let your clone defeat him. Stay on the edge of the arena (he won’t chase you there; Use invisible first and run to the edge until you can’t see him). Use clone and let the clone defeat him (just wait on the edge when waiting for its cooldown)

        • Blessed Blader says:

          leviathan is EASY to Defeat even in hard mode.Just spawn some clones,then get behind him,the use Dance of Sura/Blade Windmill then hide.just repeat and repeat the process

    • drathsiddh says:

      use the portal and go back to the dark realm, head east until you come too a fork, one heading north( you wont be able to go there) and one going into a cave, go into the cave and youll find an item and equpment merchants with some1 else in a cell, attack the lock and head west for boss fight!!!!

  7. lazyday says:

    Recently beat leviathon at lvl60 just put on avatar and kept spamming the skills. I also had pvp armour so I guess that made a big difference.

  8. como cuesta says:

    bua pos yo pierdo la paciencia con el boss ese del lv 60 el de las patas para matarlo una eternidad pero creo q lo conseguire, eso si cuando le quitas 1 pata se cabrea q la flipas

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