Posted on Jan 2, 2012

Zenonia 4 Guide

Zenonia 4 Guide

Release Date: 21 December 2011

Genre: RPG

Platform: Iphone/Ipad

Publisher: Gamevil

Developer: Gamevil


PS: This guide based on normal mode and Slayer job. You may find some minor difference in terms of tactics and other things.

Main Guide (consist main quest and side quest):

1. Chapter 1 and 2
2. Chapter 3 and 4
3. Chapter 5
4. Chapter 6
5. Chapter 7
6. (coming soon)


  • Bestiary and drop list (coming soon)
  • Side quest List (coming soon)

This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2012

Zenonia 4 is copyright of Gamevil


If you like my guide please support me by:

1. Tell your friend about this guide if he/she play the same game, so my work can help more people. ( e.g:Use twitter or facebook) because  I spend a lot of time creating this guide so the more people know and use my guide the happier I become 🙂 .

2. If you find that I miss something feel free to tell it to me by leaving comment or send me email. If you give a really useful tips via comment or email i will give you credit for that tips.

3. Give feedback  to my email (give tips about how I should write review or guide, etc).


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75 Responses to “Zenonia 4 Guide”

  1. newb says:

    Where can I find the recipe for orihalcum hilt?

  2. emvy says:

    what should i do with excessive sheathe stone?

  3. Simon says:

    How do you change the difficulty?????

  4. zenonia player says:

    need help, should i use skill points inthe active skill or in the passives? which one do you prefer?

  5. ceeeed says:

    how to use misc ?

  6. jacob says:

    im maxed out level 70 and I cant beat the on the mission prison break need help

  7. .k. says:

    I have a question how to add a friend or to send gifts ? To a player

  8. Golve says:

    I ask you a guide about to create powerful clothes and blade and rune … about element too, and where to drop items to do that. And about to make more money. It would be good too a guide regarding the better configurations about statistics and skills. The best configuration if I choose the defense and the best if i choose the attack.

  9. Finn says:

    Can someone please use my slayer for denoftrials partner
    He is lvl 50 and I would really aprreciate higher fame lvls

    Is there anyway to lvl up your fame by yourself.

  10. Lyped says:

    How can I re-edit the stats points? I spent unnecessary stats points in wrong places because I didn’t know how to play Zenonia, but from now on, I noticed that, and I’d like to do redistribution of such stats points.

  11. Deathswhisper says:

    Yes.. I was going through the PVC and thought it wanted a password.. And now I have a rather odd username… Can you tell me how to change it please?

  12. mdtc says:

    How can I use the match points that i have earned on pvp?
    Were can i see how many i got?

    How can i use a Stheathe Stone? and what are they for?


    • jxza says:

      you can see your wins and losses in the main menu-community-ranking and sheathe stone can be obtained by combinining two minimum magic class item and it will be an effect and tap the seathe stone and select use and put it in the item u want to strengthen and the effect of the sheathe stone will be on that item u selected (if there’s space for sheathe stone)

  13. misho93 says:

    might sound stupid but im stuck on chapter 3 im lvl 19 cant kill that boss in the cave ( near the cavebloom) shuld i lvl aliitle bit more i did all the quests yet im still 19 pls help (druid)

  14. Somedonkus says:

    Need Orhilcon hilt for guardian set help? Pls

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