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Posted on Jan 2, 2012

Zenonia 4 Walkthrough Chapter 3 and 4 Main Quest and Side Quest List


1. Chapter 3 Guide
2. Chapter 3 World Map
3. Chapter 4 Guide
4. Chapter 4 World Map
5. Chapter 3 and 4 Side Quest

===Chapter 3 World in Crisis===

[side effect]

Keep going east until you reach

Deva Town

Talk to Elementalist and you’ll see an event about Elisa and obtain [Joining the Royal Guard]. Go north inside the royal tent. Talk to Chael and you’ll get a new main quest [Chael’s Test]. Now head back to Adoram Forest Opening and head north until you reach Tundra area.

Note: Talk to Johnny Runner who standing in the middle of this area to obtain a side quest.

You arrive at Hades Snow Fields Boundary , Continue to “The Ice Shelf” (eastern part of Frozen Plains North is blocked at this moment). You’ll need to kill all monsters in this area below 24 second (it’s easy). See an event and defeat Elruba

PS: His attack is quite powerful, kill all enemies first as they won’t respawn

Return to Chael, event and you’ll need to go to Crystal Mountain Outpost, go to “?” mark and talk to Sven. See an event and you’ll get [Infiltrating the Temple].

Go to Crystal Cave Entrance

This area is different from other areas you have encountered before. Crystal Cave Entrance has multiple rooms inside it. Follow number from 1 -4 until you reach BOSS mark on my map (Crystal Hall). There are mining points at point 2 and 3 (diamond, bronze and iron). You can find Cavebloom (if you take [Natural Medicine] side quest) at point 4. Continue to Crystal Hall (BOSS).

[Dark General Leonard]

He can deal a lot of damage !!!! don’t engage him using normal attack if you’re using a close combat characters. Use your skill to attack him, circle around and wait until your skill has cooldown and then use your skill again, repeat until he dies.

Note: I am using Earth Break (Slayer) and it’s very effective 😀

Go back to Outpost and talk to Elisa. Sven will ask you to kill 15 ice golem. You can find Ice golem on the north part of this area, simply re-enter the area to make them re-appear. Talk to Sven once you have done that. He’ll give you Status Healing Potion x5.

Now go back to War room at Deva Castle to talk with Chael.

===Chapter 3 World Map===

====Chapter 4 Another Objective====

[Preparing the Welcoming]

Talk to Chael and you need to gather 10 Hyacinth to complete the new quest. Go west to Adoram Forest Opening, the south path is unlocked now. Go over there in order to gather Hyacinth. You can find it on Adoram Forest Outskirts

Notes: Hyacinth looks like a shimmering flower that you have encountered before. Re-enter the area to make them appear again.

Go back to Chael and see an event. Go to Deva town Square and head to “?” mark on your mini map to talk with Ecne. You’ll obtain a new quest.

[Traces general Morpice]

Go to Deva Castle Barracks and then head east to Scorched Forest Entrance. Your goal is Deep Gorge Topside and you’ll see an event over there. Defeat Draca to get inside the Abyss cave.

Abyss Cave

The party decide to move separately. This area has multiple areas like Crystal Cave. Follow the number until you reach the last part of this cave. There is Mining Point at area number 1 and 4 (Mithril, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond). You’ll see an event at point 2, continue north to point 3. You’ll need to destroy Energy crystal at point 4, so go there. After destroying  that thing, the hero realizes that there is another one at point 5. So go there and destroy the crystal at point 5.

Go back to point 3 and talk to Elisa to start a special quest. You need to kill 6 Satyr champions or simply survive for 24 seconds :D. Save your game and head north to the next area.

BOSS: Morpice

Place your status healing potion on quick slot. Morpice is very tough ….. watch out for tri-sphere attack because it deals high damage and make your character become confused (use your status healing potion to cure your character when this happen). Don’t use normal attacks (especially close combat) against Morpice because his attack will hurt your character very bad. Rely on long-range attack if you can do it (Sword Wave for Slayer), simply circle around i f you don’t have any long-range attack until your skill has refreshed (yeah, I know it’s kinda cheap trick :D).

Go back to Deva Castle to end this chapter :D.

===Chapter 4 World Map===

===Side Quest===

Name Location Chapter Objective and Steps Client Reward
Material Production Deva Castle Square 3 Create mana stone Blacksmith 770 exp;610 gold
Mystic Dust (you can find it from killing Draca; Chapter 4 unique monster)
Shard of Chaos (angry slime; can be found at chapter 5)
Legend of The Hero Deva Castle Square 3 Get Mana Potion (L);
1350 gold on the item shop
Eze 1350 exp,
1070 gold
Hard to find food Deva Castle Square 3 obtain 10 dragon turtle meat
Teleport to Adonis Town and kill dragon turtle to obtain the items
Catherine 1250 exp;
1040 gold
Revenge for my parents Deva Castle Square 3 slay 10 Troll priest (western adoram forest) Kan 680 exp;
360 gold
Refining and strengthening Deva Castle Square 3 Talk to Blacksmith about refining
(unsolved because I haven’t finished Material Production first)
Mighty ??
Training Recruits Deva Castle Barracks 3;
after Meeting with Chael
Slay 10 Dark lycans (Western Adoram Forest) Iru 1160 exp;
610 gold
Cold as ice Adoram Forest Garden 3; after getting access to Tundra area obtain 10 cold ice from frozen knight Johnny Runner 1360 exp,
600 gold,
Blessed Cape
Kan’s Request Deva Castle Square 3; finish revenge for my parents speak to zeratus at Deva Castle Barracks Kan 570 gold;
460 gold
Zeratus’ Request Deva Castle Barracks 3; obtain Kan’s Request Slay 10 salamanders; (Adoram Forest outskirts)
only can be finished at chapter 4
Zeratus 850 exp;
450 gold;
Letter of recommendation
The den of trials Deva Castle Barracks 3; finish training recruits speak to the den of trials attendent Dark Trial Attendent 530 exp;
1500 gold
Toasty Winter Coat Crystal Mountain Outpost 3; after meet with Sven obtain 15 Sasquatch leather Gail 2050 exp,
800 gold,
Blessed Amulet
You can obtain them by killing Sasquatch (Tundra Area)
Natural Medicine Crystal Mountain Outpost 3; after meet with Sven Obtain cavebloom Nicky 2000 exp,
1580 gold
Restoring Adoram Forest Scorched Forest Entrance 4 Kill 15 bone soldiers Cowen 2640 exp;
1380 gold

Additional note:

[0] You can to teleport to Town of Adonis by talking to the old man near the portal (see the screenshot) and pay 500 gold to him.
[0] Cave bloom located at area number 4 in Crystal Cave. (see screenshot on chapter 3 guide for the detail picture)
[0] It seems you can’t finish [Material Production] side quest at Chapter 4 because there are no enemies that drop Shard of Chaos (CMIIW).

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